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The Best Compact Stoves: Efficient Solutions for Small Fireplaces

Updated: Oct 20, 2023

Compact stoves are a fantastic option for lots of homes. With 4kW and 5kW outputs, they can fit into small fireplaces without compromising on the heat. Opting for a compact stove often eliminates the need for additional building work and so can be a cost-effective option as well.

Wood-only and multi-fuel stoves are highly efficient, with all the stoves listed here meeting the 2022 EcoDesign regulations.

The HETA Inspire 40 is a stylish and contemporary stove with impressive efficiency. Producing a nominal heat of 4.9kW this multi-fuel stove is the perfect addition to any living room. Featuring a cool-touch handle, the wide glass and clean lines emphasise the stylish design of the HETA Inspire 40.

Nominal Output: 4.9kW

Height: 585mm

Width: 460mm

Depth: 367mm

Efficiency: 81%

EcoDesign 2022 Compliant

The Capital Woodrow 4 is a great 4kW wood-only option for smaller fireplaces. The baseline legs on the Woodrow 4 reduces its height significantly making it perfect for fireplaces with limited height availability. Capital stoves are also supplied with a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer for complete peace of mind.

Nominal Output: 4kW

Height: 455mm

Width: 370mm

Depth: 191mm

Efficiency: 76.4%

EcoDesign 2022 Compliant

The Salamander Hobbit is a fantastic 4kW stove for small fireplaces. The Hobbit Stove has been chosen to heat all sorts of places including shepherds' huts, canal boats, yurts, caravans, mobile homes, and outdoor sheds. As a multi-fuel stove it is versatile and will keep you toasty warm no matter the installation location.

Nominal Output: 4.1kW

Height: 465mm

Width: 302mm

Depth: 272mm

Efficiency: 81.4%

EcoDesign 2022 Compliant

The Clock Blithfield 5 Compact is a sophisticated multi-fuel stove with impressive efficiency. At 83% efficiency you will be getting the most warmth out of the fuel you are burning. With a width of only 430mm, the Clock Blithfield 5 Compact is also a great option for homeowners with narrow fireplaces who don't want to compromise on stunning design features.

Nominal Output: 5kW

Height: 600mm

Width: 430mm

Depth: 335mm

Efficiency: 83%

EcoDesign 2022 Compliant

The Dean Forge Dartmoor 5 brings character and warmth to your home. The Dartmoor 5 has been developed to allow for a distance to combustibles of only 50mm to the rear when fitted with a double heat-shield and twin-wall flue. This makes the Dartmoor 5 great for smaller fireplaces, or for rooms with large pieces of furniture.

Nominal Output: 5kW

Height: 540mm

Width: 430mm

Depth: 315mm

Efficiency: 82.1%

EcoDesign 2022 Compliant

Clear Skies 5

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