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Frequently Asked Questions

The Answers You Need

I would like to visit the showroom, where are you?

We look forward to your visit! You can find our showroom at:

Loxwood Burners Sussex Ltd. 

High Street


West Sussex 

RH14 0RE

So that we can give you the best advice and guidance, we recommend that you take pictures of your existing fireplace or the location you wish to have one installed before your visit. Measurements of the space help us find stoves that are suitable for your fireplace.

Do you offer surveys?

Yes, we do! We can complete a survey of your existing fireplace or the space you would like to place a log burner for £15, which is refunded in your final invoice if we install your new log burner.


The site survey will give you a good indication of the work that will need to be completed, and the prices on your estimate will be frozen for 14 days.

What are the payment options?

We ask for a 25% deposit to secure your stove of choice. The final amount will be requested after the installation has been completed. This amount can be paid by BACS or via the payment link attached to your invoice.

How do I know which size stove I will need?

There is an easy way to calculate what size stove you need to heat your room adequately. 

Measuring in metres, multiply the length of the room, by the width of the room, by the height of the room (L*W*H). Then divide this figure by 14. Round the answer to the nearest whole number; this is the kW stove you will require.

Example: 5.4m*4.5m*2.2m= 53.46 / 14 = 3.8kW.

We would recommend you purchase a 4kW stove for this example.

I would like some accessories for my stove, do you sell any?

Yes, we do! We sell a range of stove accessories that you can purchase in-store or order online. We are constantly updating and changing our stock to meet customer needs.


Check out our online shop to explore our range of accessories.

Are wood burning stoves bad for the environment?

From the 1st of January 2022, only EcoDesign and DEFRA-approved appliances can be installed to meet new emissions criteria under the Clean Air Strategy. Any new stove you purchase post-2022 will release 90% fewer PM emissions than an open fire, and 80% fewer PM emissions than a 10-year-old stove. Your new stove will heat your home far more effectively and is also much better for the environment. 

We recommend always burning wood with a 20% or lower moisture content. We do not recommend burning waste wood or household rubbish in your stove as this will release toxic pollutants into your home and the environment. 

We also recommend having your chimney swept at least once a year. This will prevent a build-up of particle matter from fires collecting in your chimney which, if left untreated, can become polluting and increase the risk of a chimney fire.


Yes, we have a terms and conditions document that we ask customers to agree to when they pay the 25% deposit.

Please click here to download our terms and conditions.

Do you have any terms and conditions?

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