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Sweep and Servicing

After-care for your Stove

We are excited to be launching a new after-care package to our customers, including annual chimney sweeps and stove servicing. Starting in June 2023 we will be accepting bookings for our after-sales servicing package. 

It is important to get your chimney swept and stove serviced every year. When burning regularly, it is advisable to have your chimney swept quarterly.


Soot and debris build-up can prevent the clear passage of gas up the chimney. Over time, this build-up will increase your risk of a chimney fire. Regular sweeps keep you and your family safe and ensure that all combustible gases from burning are safely leaving your chimney.


The rope surrounding the door of your log burner will naturally wear down over time. It is important to replace the rope at least every two years to ensure that no smoke or gases escape through the door lining into your home.


Your stove should be regularly serviced to maintain your stove warranty. During the service, the door rope seals, air intake, and Carbon Monoxide alarms will be checked, as well as other fixtures on your stove. This ensures your stove is working at optimum efficiency and that it is safe to burn. Please note that when selling a property evidence of stove maintenance will often be requested.

Book in Service and Repair Work

Service package, including chimney sweep and rope replacement - £130

Chimney sweep - £75

Rope replacement - £30 

Firebricks and stove glass can be replaced if needed, please enquire for prices.

We can also assist you with other minor repairs, such as painting scuff marks that may have appeared during use. Please enquire for prices.

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