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Freshly Baked Pizza

Pizza Ovens


We are pleased to supply the Mi-Fires pizza ovens. Available in four different designs, there is a pizza oven to suit every household.


The Delivita has been inspired by the pizza-making heritage of Italy. Handcrafted in Britain, the Delivita is available in three different colours and bundles: the Deluxe, Chef, and Pizzaiola bundles. These pizza ovens can professionally bake, roast, smoke, and grill your food, taking only 25 minutes to reach full temperature. The Delivita pizza oven features a safe to touch outershell technology, weighing only 30kg.




The Roma is a stylish, heavy-duty cast iron outdoor pizza oven. Engineered to disperse heat evenly, the Roma allows you to make the perfect pizza every time. Manufactured with a cast-iron base, it heats up quickly and retains heat well, making it ideal for keeping you toasty warm while enjoying your pizza.

Experiment with different types of wood to create a unique smokey flavour that is impossible to replicate with a conventional home oven.




The Piccolo pizza oven allows you to create restaurant-quality pizzas from home! Using a pellet-fired oven, it is portable and lightweight. The Piccolo can heat up to 500°c in just 10 minutes, with a cooking time of just 60 seconds.


The Carina pizza oven is a pellet-fired stainless steel oven, that is portable, lightweight, and eco-friendly. The Carina heats to 500°c in just 10 minutes and cooks pizzas in 60 seconds.

Visit us in-store to find out more about Mi-Fire pizza ovens and to order one for your home.

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