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6 Easy Tips to Save Energy at Home During Energy Savers Week 2024

The coldest week of the year so far has coincided with National Energy Savers Week 2024. From the 15th-21st of January energy providers and the Citizens Advice Bureau have been sharing tips to keep your energy bills low this winter. This blog has gathered this advice to help you stay warm this winter.

thermostat on the wall

Burn Good Quality Wood in your log burner

Woodsure UK recommends using good quality dried wood in your log burner to ensure that you are getting the best burn from your fuel. You should also have the chimney swept at least once a year to clear any built-up debris and soot. This will keep your log burner running efficiently, allowing it to keep you warm this winter.

Adjust Your Thermostat

Citizens Advice Bureau recommends reducing your thermostat by 1℃. This small action could save you £105 per year on your energy bills. If you are regularly out of the house for work, you can also save money by turning off the heating during these hours. It is cheaper to warm the house up when you get home than it is to keep the heating running continuously.

To stay warm and safe this winter, it is recommended that you keep your thermostat at 18℃ or higher. 

Install a Smart Meter

Check if your energy provider can supply you with a smart meter for your home. This will allow you to track your energy usage and may help you identify cheaper times of the day to use high-usage appliances, such as washing machines.

Prevent Draughts

Cold air can seep through gaps in your windows and doors, making it more expensive to heat your home. By adding draught-proofing strips to your doors and windows you can keep the warm air in, saving you approximately £45 per year.

Avoid Covering Radiators

During the winter make sure that you keep furniture away from your radiators to avoid over-working the radiator. The warm air will circulate better if there this plenty of room around the radiator.

Run Appliances at 30℃

Run your washing machine and dishwasher at 30℃ to save money while doing your laundry. Most laundry detergents have been designed to work well at 30℃ so you can be sure that you are getting the same clean at lower temperatures. 


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