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Repairs and Replacement Parts

Order a Replacement Part For Your Stove

Over time, you may find that you need to replace something on your stove. We can order this part and help you replace it.

Some parts of the stove will wear with use, such as the rope and fire bricks. If you start to notice some damage to these items, please contact us. Occasionally, stove glass will need to be replaced if it has become cracked due to accidental damage. For example, the glass can become cracked if a log is pressed against the glass when the door is being closed. 

Use the form below to:

  • Ask any questions you have about a stove.

  • Place an order for a replacement part.

  • Find out the price of a replacement part.

  • Find out the lead time for a replacement part.

  • Book a survey for a log burner.

  • Book a service for a log burner.

We will reply as soon as possible to answer any questions. 

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