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Easy Steps to Light a Coal Fire

Updated: Nov 1, 2023

If you have recently purchased a multi-fuel stove, you may be wondering how to light a coal fire. We have created this easy step-by-step guide to help you get the most out of your log burner.

Top tip: When purchasing solid fuels always look out for the Ready to Burn logo. This means it is approved to burn by HETAS and DEFRA legislation. If you live in a smoke-free zone always check your local regulations before purchasing new fuel.

Step 1: Preparation

To begin, clear any leftover ash out of your stove and empty the ashtray. Make sure that the grate in the stove is clear to maximise air circulation while burning. Check the air vents on the stove and make sure they are all wide open.

Step 2: Kindling and Firelighters

Place a couple of firelighters on the base of the stove. We recommend natural firelighters such as Flamers. Then, start to build a small tent of kindling around the firelighters leaving air gaps between each piece of kindling.

Step 3: Lighting the Fire

Carefully light the firelighters using a long match or a long lighter. Once the fire has started, add a few more pieces of kindling to the fire. Be careful not to smother the new flame.

Step 4: Add the Coal

Once the added kindling is burning well, add a generous amount of the smokeless fuel you will be burning into the fire. Make sure that there is enough coals or smokeless fuel to cover the kindling.

Step 5: Enjoy

Close the door to the stove and ensure that the coals have caught alight. Adjust the air vents of the stove if needed, but never close them fully while burning fuel.

Enjoy the warmth of your new fire. 🔥

Hot coals

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