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Difference Between Wood-Only and Multi-Fuel Stoves

When buying a new wood-burning stove there are a lot of things you need to consider. But what kind of stove do you need? Most brands offer a mix of multi-fuel and wood-only stoves to meet the needs of customers. Let's look at the differences between each type.

Wood-only Stoves

Wood-only stoves have been designed to burn wood highly efficiently. The entire stove is crafted to best suit the burn of seasoned wood. These stoves have a fixed grate at the bottom of the stove chamber. This means there is no additional ash pan or grate. This allows the ash from burning wood to build up in the stove. Ash provides excellent kindling for burning wood and helps you to better light a fire.

When it comes to cleaning the stove, you can use a little shovel to remove any excess ash into an ash bucket. We would recommend not fully removing all of the ash as a little bed of ash helps the combustion of your fire.

Multi-fuel Stoves

Multi-fuel stoves have a bit more kit in them, which explains the slight price increase for most multi-fuel models. These stoves have a raised grate system. This means the riddling grate has gaps in it to enable ash and other debris to fall into the removable ash pan. The grate sits above the floor of the stove to allow airflow under the fuel being burnt, improving the overall combustion. The ash pan should be emptied regularly to ensure that the air flow under the fuel is maintained.

Multi-fuel stoves allow you to burn a variety of different fuels. If you are living in a smoke-free zone you will need to check the fuel you are burning. It is always advisable to burn smokeless fuel as it better for your home and your local community.

log burner with fire burner in surround.
Henley Elmwood Freestanding, Multi-fuel

wood burning stove in a marble surround.
Hunter Aspect 5 Compact, Wood-burning

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