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Top 5kW Woodburners: Best for Contemporary Design & Efficiency

Updated: Oct 20, 2023

Are you looking for a wood-only log burner with an output of 5kW? We compiled a list of the best 5kW stoves for your home.

Wood-only stoves are highly efficient, with all the stoves listed here meeting the 2022 EcoDesign regulations. They are a stylish and effective way of heating your home.

The Clock Sudbury is sleek and elegant. With a glass size of 405mm x 345mm, all of the focus is on the fantastic viewing area. The Clock Sudbury demonstrates exemplary contemporary design as it features a magnetic handle and clean lines throughout. Available with stainless steel or brass fittings, the Clock Sudbury is a sophisticated addition to your home.

Nominal Output: 5kW

Height: 600mm

Width: 535mm

Depth: 375mm

Efficiency: 81%

EcoDesign 2022 Compliant

The Heta Ambition series is manufactured in Denmark to the highest standard. Combining contemporary design with impressive efficiency, the Ambition 5 will not let you down. The Heta Ambition 5 burns at 85% efficiency, or A+, so you know you are getting the most amount of heat from the fuel you are burning. Did you know an open fire burns at only 20% efficiency?

Nominal Output: 4.9kW

Height: 619mm

Width: 550mm

Depth: 383mm

Efficiency: 85%

EcoDesign 2022 Compliant

The Capital Woodrow 5 is a great 5kW option for smaller fireplaces. There is no reason to compromise on heat with the Woodrow 5 as the baseline legs reduces it's height significantly. Capital stoves are also supplied with a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer for complete peace of mind.

Nominal Output: 5kW

Height: 528mm

Width: 387mm

Depth: 215mm

Efficiency: 82.6%

EcoDesign 2022 Compliant


The Dean Forge Dartmoor W5 brings the wow-factor with a wide door allowing for an excellent view of the roaring fire. The Dartmoor W5 has been developed to allow for a distance to combustibles of only 50mm to the rear when fitted with a double heat-shield and twin-wall flue. This makes the Dartmoor W5 great for smaller spaces, or for rooms with large pieces of furniture.

Nominal Output: 5kW

Height: 640mm

Width: 565mm

Depth: 320mm

Efficiency: 83.1%

EcoDesign 2022 Compliant

ClearSkies 5

The Dunsley Avance 500 is available in six colours and does not compromise on size. At 605mm wide it is the perfect centerpiece for a fireplace or inglenook. If you would like it to sit a bit taller, the high leg option boosts the height by 7cm. With great flexibility in design and a fantastic viewing area the Dunsley Avance 500 will not disappoint.

Nominal Output: 5kW

Height (short leg): 560mm

Width: 605mm

Depth: 275mm

Efficiency: 81.2%

EcoDesign 2022 Compliant

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