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5 Great Reasons to Get an Electric Stove

Cosy, beautiful, and easy to operate, electric stoves are a fantastic option for lots of households. Producing optionally 1-2kW of heat these stoves will easily heat most rooms in your house. Electric stoves are especially great for new builds and Shared Ownership properties.

For example:

Taylor Wimpey, 3 Bedroom, Kitchen-Dining Area: 4.72m x 2.87m x 2.2m = 2.1kW

Taylor Wimpey, 3 Bedroom, Living Room: 4.26m x 3.69m x 2.2m = 2.4kW

Redrow, Oxford Lifestyle, 3 Bedroom, Living Room: 4.8m x 3.29m x 2.2m = 2.5kW

Cala, Elder Plot, 3 Bedroom, Living Room: 4.55m x 3.12 x 2.2m = 2.2kW

Linden Homes, The Eveleigh, Living Room: 4.98m x 3.19m x 2.2m = 2.5kW

An electric stove would warm these rooms comfortably, bringing a cosy ambience to your new home.

5 Reasons to Get an Electric Stove

Reason One: Beautiful Flame Options

Electric stoves often have a variety of different flame settings and colours. Capital Stoves have an amazing 16 different flame colour options! These flames are designed to be realistic often with 3D technology to emulate the gentle blaze of a wood fire. Electric stoves also come with a 'flame only' option allowing you to enjoy the ambience of a fire even during the warmer months.

Reason Two: Instant Heat

Whether manually operated or with a remote control, electric stoves produce heat instantly with no effort. With an electric stove you are able to choose between 1kW and 2kW of heat, allowing you to easily adjust the heat to your needs. Unlike a wood burner, you will not need to keep a store of wood/fuel in the house, and you will not need to keep topping up the stove to maintain the heat. An electric stove is an easy way for busy families to add some extra warmth into their living rooms this winter.

Reason Three: Easy Installation

For most people, the installation of an electric stove is as straight forward as plugging the stove into the wall. With no need for a hearth, the electric stove can be placed in your desired location, plugged in, and set to warm your room.

Reason Four: No Flue or Building Work Required

For lots of people, the building work required to have a log burner installed is simply not possible. This could be because they are living in a flat, or a house partly owned by a housing association, or a large scale installation is too costly. Electric stoves do not require any building work. There are no knock-outs, liners, or hearth constructions needed. This not only drops the price of purchase considerably, but also makes it possible for a greater variety of households to enjoy the beautiful flames and warmth of a stove.

Please note: lots of electric stoves are photographed with an optional false flue which is decorative.

Reason Five: No Mess or Maintenance

Wood burners have a tendency to be a bit messy. Burning wood and other fuels produces ash which needs to be cleaned out of the stove at least weekly, and all stoves need to have the chimney sweep at least annually to prevent a chimney fire. Electric stoves, on the other hand, require none of this upkeep. They produce no waste material and there are no ongoing sweeps or services required to valid the warranty. With no additional maintenance costs, electric stoves will keep you toasty warm with any fuss or mess.


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